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While most companies will require differential preferred pricing based upon size and condition. Dream Team Cleaning Services is here to serve you based upon your specified NEEDS! You will never end up paying more then you actually need to pay for services.

Basic Move-In Cleaning Services

Moving from your actual home is very stressful, the simple fact of moving leaves a feeling of nostalgia, since you have to leave a place where you have lived all of you’re life, that can add more stress as you think about packing up and moving out of your old and moving into your new residence..
That’s where DTCS will come to your rescue for your cleaning needs this type of cleaning is very detailed with hours of hard work. 

Services include but not limited to:

  • Fridge

The refrigerator is usually clean when you get to a new house, but you should always get a deep cleaning even if it seems clean.

  • Stove

Make sure the stove  is cleanEd at the bottom, this area is usually one of the dirtiest parts in a kitchen.

  • Kitchen Cabinets and Counters

Counters usually require less work, just make sure your maid clean between cracks using a putty knife to remove any debris. Clean back-splashes with a mild cleaner or baking soda and water.

  • Sink

The sink in-your kitchen is very important it  need to be properly cleaned ,it will give a lot of personality to your kitchen.

  • Walls 

Last but not least you do not want to see spots on your walls or spiderwebs  hanging in the corners  of your walls  this should always be included with this type of cleaning.


Pricing for a Moving clean is standard generally per SQ FT but can differ depending  upon any special requests or current specials. Give us a call  (281) 941-8005 to be invoiced for your visit today! 

Looking for recurring services after your initial clean? Inquire within about a discount for using multiple services! 

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