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The apartment grounds keeping services offered by Dream Team Cleaning Services are well equipped with the proper knowledge and supplies in maintaining the standards of your building. Be it big or small 4 Unit or 30 Units Apartment building or townhouses a multilevel building. Here at Dream Team Cleaning Services we will get the job done right in regards to apartment ground keeping.

We maintain the standards of our tools, techniques and supplies so that the appearance of your building can live up to the expectations and needs. We provide our customers with several services like:

Trash removal:

We have our trained staff specially equipped to collect trash and dump it at the proper area,  We collect waste and debris from the construction sites, upon request can collect illegally dumped material (furniture, used and old dumped machines) outside your residence or around your office.

Maintaining of parking:

We deal in proper maintenance of parking areas. It can be done both for corporate, commercial buildings and personal residence. Making the parking easily accessible, planning the parking according to the use, repairing the needed areas and making it hassle free for the users.

Cleaning and janitorial services:

Cleanliness is the most basic need of any construction. We provide with the cleaning a staff who can clean your property in and out. We also provide with janitors responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the property.  Our janitorial services can serve you with best all round cleanliness maintenance.

Why choose us?

  • We adopt new and improved methods.
  • We are accessible via phone. Anytime call us and set an appointment. We are always ready to take in service calls.
  • Customer satisfaction is our prime duty. We work long hours until the customer gets all services completed. 
  • While working we keep our focus on giving space to the ideas and motives of the customer.
  • We take responsibility to make as many visits as required for the job to be done with full perfection and as per the need.
  • We deal with each and every customer on personal basis.
  • We have a team of professionals and skilled labors who take pride in what they do and affirm to deliver the best.
  • We provide you with best services at pocket friendly rates.
  • We take full accountability for the work we do and also the techniques we use upon your property while imparting our services.

Get our grounds keeping services at Dream Team Cleaning Services at any time. Be it a meager one or one at a large scale, we will be happy to impart our services and be there at help for our customers. We can promise to satisfy you after every visit. Give us a call today (281) 941-8005! 

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When in doubt its always best to simply give us a call (281) 941-8005 and speak with a a specialist in regards to your specific needs. We are always willing to assist you with any questions you may have!